Punters top ten tips to the Dolomites

My recent trip to Dolomites was a massive learning curve as I have been climbing for over 5 years but only on Sport or bouldering trips.
The vibe was very different to a sport trip where you are just...

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Afternoon hacking with Phoenix

Over the past few months my little side projects haven't made it off the starting blocs. They have all had the same downfall of trying to achieve too much.. make a React app using Phoenix as the backend but spend...

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My first 3 hours on a project

I recently started a new full time job which is a little daunting, for the first time in a long while I am going to be owning this code not just for 3/6 months but for possibly years to come....

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One year as a Sport Climber - Part 1

This past year I have started Sport climbing again after switching to bouldering over two years ago, at the time I had just done my first 7A at Cheedale. When I look back on it I think I mainly muscled...

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The bloated Ruby block

I am currently spending a month climbing in Spain before I start looking for a new job and in the process decided to setup up my old MacBook Pro for the journey. While I was moving my files over I...

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Rails Dependent Associations

I often find that the dependent parameter gets forgotten on projects. This is easy to do if you're new to Rails. When dependent is not set, nothing terrible happens at first… but once you get further into a project you...

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A few weeks ago before the temperature got turned up I spent the bank holiday sport climbing in Dorset. I spotted this blank looking face and thought it looked amazing. Dumbfounded - 7b+

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Rails Performance: The Database

My primary toolkit is the Ruby on Rails framework, and I mainly work with applications that have been in production for a while, which usually means they’re in need of a little pick-me-up. I thought it would be good to write...

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Setting up Logwatch to email logs using Gmail

I thought I would share this quick guide to setting up sending yesterdays logs without needing to install Sendmail or another heavy weight email client.

Step 1. Install our lightweight SMTP client.

sudo apt-get install ssmtp 


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A better way to handle SSH keys

I pair with quite a lot of developers and one thing I have noticed is most of them only use one SSH keypair for all of their services/servers. This isn’t the worst security threat out there but it does pose...

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Rails tip: Titleize acronyms

I ran into a problem whilst trying to titleize a string containing an acronym. For example:

 "building an API".titleize

Will output

 Building An Api

Not exactly what...

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