Afternoon hacking with Phoenix

Over the past few months my little side projects haven't made it off the starting blocs. They have all had the same downfall of trying to achieve too much.. make a React app using Phoenix as the backend but spend the whole time getting the build tool setup how you want it.

So today instead I decided to keep it simple, create an app to track my climbing sessions. Currently I keep all of my notes in a book which is boring as there isn't much you can do with the data.

As well as keeping my tech aspirations low I think what also really helped was that I defined my goals at the start:

  • Quickly record training session.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Make data available.

Here it is, the sign in button doesn't toggle and it looks pretty crap but I created something usable in under 4 hours... most of that was rolling my own sign in logic :

Image of the logs index page

My future goals are once I have recorded a few weeks of data I might compare the number of hours training against conditioning and stretching to see if patterns emerge with tweaks/injuries. I could also map it against personal bests to show the effects training had over time.

Checkout the code here

Written on July 4, 2016